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HEALTHIER COOKING: This NETTA 3.5L Air Fryer is the ideal way to reduce fat intake in your meals. This air fryer has great air circulation which means that food cooks evenly whilst reducing up to 80% of fat when compared to traditional fryers. Due to the great convection of this air fryer, your food will cook to a crisp and crunchy perfection every time. This item also features a handy recipe book which includes meals containing fish, beef, lamb, pork and vegetables.
TIMER AND TEMPERATURE CONTROL: This air fryer comes with a fully adjustable temperature control which ranges from 80°C – 200°C and a timer which ranges from 0-30 minutes. This ensures that you stay in full control of cooking time and performance, meaning you can get perfect results every time.
EASY TO USE: This product comes with a basket release button to ensure maximum safety whilst you are using this product. This release button also makes sure that the air fryer basket is easy to remove and clean – the basket is also dishwasher safe.