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✈【WiFi Real-time Image Transmission】 Equipped with 4K HD camera, is able to record high-quality video and take clear aerial photos. Watch a live video in your smart phone by wifi real-time transmission, watch the world from different angle.
✈【Multiple Fun Flights】 Camera 90° Adjustment, take whatever you want.Trajectory flight mode allow the drone fly follow the route you draw on the app map screen. Equipped with two 3.7V 380mAh (rechargeable) batteries. The flight time is increased to about 20 minutes.
✈【3D Flip & Headless Mode】 With a 360° rotating drone, you can use the joystick to set any angle you want to turn. In the headless mode, you can fly the pocket drone directly in the desired direction, without worrying about which direction it is oriented. For beginners, it is also simply to control.