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ADVANCED AIR FRYER: The Duronic AF1 air fryer is like no others on the market; uniting the old with new, it has a stunning simplistic retro design integrated with an ultra-modern technology which brings you an efficient and innovative cooking experience. A radical mini countertop oven, it is compact in size but also has a generous chamber capacity. Harnessing improved hot air circulation technology this mini oven will cook food quickly and evenly to produce a tasty and healthy meal.
HEALTHIER THAN TRADITIONAL FRYING: A great alternative to a traditional deep fat fryer that cooks food in a large amount of oil, the AF1/B air fryer is revolutionary because it cooks the same foods as a deep fat fryer but with either little or no oil. You can air-fry chips, chicken, fish or any foods you can think of and watch as they come out crispy and cooked well. The taste too is on par with how you would expect fried food to taste, but with less grease and is much healthier for you.
LIKE A MINI OVEN, BUT FASTER: The heating element sits above the cooking chamber and radiates heat directly onto the food. Heat is then circulated by quick air flow through the chamber and up through the basket of food penetrating every part to cook it all evenly. It works similar to a convection oven, but cooks food even faster and with less mess. Self-contained within the mesh basket compartment, splatters are kept in the one place which minimises the clean up after cooking has finished.