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【Flight time&speed】When the drone’s battery is fully charged, it is expected to last 18 minutes. Battery capacity: 2000mA, 3.7v, charging time: fully charged 150-180 minutes. Drones can flexibly adjust the speed of flight based on wind speed, making it easier to use. The drone’s rotors are paired with monochrome lights that can be seen at a glance even in the dark.
【Dual Cameras】Equipped with a 1080P HD front-facing camera and a 720P bottom camera, the drone transmits fPV in real time to provide visibility up to 60m away. 720P bottom camera set detection, sensing, pre-judgment, processing and other performance in one-in-one down shooting, obstacle avoidance easy one-handed control, to meet the strong needs of novice sentry.
【The Multi-Functional】Headless Mode option makes it easier for beginners to have a camera drone with the same front as a remote control. When a drone flies in headless mode, it can press the back button at the touch of a button and the drone will fly back to you. 3D Flip and Waypoint Flight: Impressive flip-forward joystick sputtering inwards, drawing flight routes on your smartphone, and drones fly accordingly to add fun to your flight.