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Alexa & Google Home : Teckin Led Strip Lights is fully compatible with Alexa and Google Home. TECKIN Led Strip Lights is hands free and can be controlled by voice commands to turn the lights on / off, set the color and also to make the led light strip darker or brighter.
App Control: The App “Smart Life” does what the remote control lights can do (turn on / off, change color and brightness). The phone App also allows selection of custom colours to choose from. Also it is possible to choose from 20 default options of colors via the 24-key remote controller. [ Not support 5G WiFi ].
Cuttable & Iinkable : The Led strip lights can be trimmed down to the required length by cutting along the guide marks if you don’t require the full length of the Led Strip light. You can set up the required length to custom fit the bedroom, desk, tv, cabinet or any other areas of the home.