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[Final underwater drone]: Diving capacity up to 150 meters / 100 meters: high compressive strength, this is a professional underwater drone.
[4K with innovative technology] UHD camera: Integrated 4K camera and 1 / 2.5 inch deep CMOS image sensor Starlight, can take high quality photos and videos, with 32 / 64G storage space, save time and share at any time. Built-in 160° wide-angle lens and professional DSP image processor, support 1080P real-time viewing, intelligently reduce natural light and maintain high-quality scenes.
[Cycle and stationary]: 6 thrusters (4 vertical + 2 levels), replaceable propellers, powerful and reliable. High self-balancing resistance to current in intelligent hovering of target depth and direction. Hover at an accuracy of 2-3 cm, always focus on the target and keep the story alive.